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If you would like an amazing insight into Lace Designing & Manufacturing, please join our Live Chat with our very experienced & knowledgable Design Director Margo Graham tomorrow at 8pm on Instagram.

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At MYB Textiles we love being part of Innovative Textiles! So we are very proud to have been collaborating with Sarah Robertson & Sarah Taylor on their Lit Lace Interface project. We have enjoyed seeing their developments of designs woven in fibre optics on our Madras looms & really feel Smart & High performance materials are the way forward! Collaborations can not only be Impressive & fascinating but more importantly they further the capabilities of manufacturing which paves the way forward into new, exciting & Innovative Textiles. More recently the Sara’s have worked with Jack & Steven from CWI Amsterdam which is represented at Fuorisalone Digital, the new platform for Milan Design Week 2020. Online exhibitions are becoming the norm during these difficult times but are still a way to get visually excited (now it can be from sitting in your chair at home!). If you are interested in finding out more about our project and how European designers have interpreted themes such as circular economy, high- performance materials & social innovation please click on the link below: #luxurysheers #scottishfabrics #scottishtextiles #luxurydecor #lace #madras #heritagemill #fuorisalonetv #worthpartnershipproject #litlaces #smarttextiles #softsystems #collaboration #performance

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Our long awaited Ayrshire Edition Collection Books have arrived! Due to officially launch this October, this is MYB Textiles most exclusive range, displaying beautiful designs that have been custom made and specifically selected by our top customers to satisfy their market. We realised when researching this project that our double width lace and some of our Harris Madras designs were hugely desired, so we have combined both in this collection in colours Ivory & White for a fresh contemporary look. For more information or exclusive samples, please contact our mill on 01560 321 210. #luxurysheers #scottishfabrics #scottishtextiles #luxurydecor #lace #madras #heritagemill #russia

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MYB Textiles knows the importance of protecting people during these uncertain times, so we are putting our creative skills to the test and have made masks using our very own manufactured Madras fabric & lace screen cloth! We have a huge range of fabrics available to buy both online & in our mill shop to enable customers to make up their own masks (Heavily discounted fabrics are also available in our mill shop) Please note masks can be hand washed after each use, however are subject to slight shrinkage due to the nature of the material. For more information please contact the mill on 01560 321 210. Mask pattern: #luxurysheers #scottishfabrics #scottishtextiles #luxurydecor #lace #madras #heritagemill #facemask

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Whether you are furloughed or stuck working from home, why not take this opportunity to treat yourself to one of our delightful fabrics!? We have a vast range of designs & colours to suit any home decor & if you are unsure of what design or colour to choose, we can send you any samples from of our collections online. Just look at these beautiful shadows casted by our Madras fabric (Edward Shimmer 5695) captured while the sun was shining through our window! #luxurysheers #scottishfabrics #scottishtextiles #luxurydecor #lace #madras #heritagemill #damask

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MYB Textiles love to work with creative individuals & collaborate on interesting new projects, it’s what we strive for….pushing the boundaries of what we can do & seeking exciting new products made from our fabric on our 100 year old looms!

Today’s Textile World is all about thinking outside the box, which is why our ongoing collaboration with Trish Belford (A Senior Research Fellow at Ulster University) & Ruth Morrow (an Architect) has been an extremely intriguing project to work on! We are really impressed with the end product that Tactility Factory produced….A Linen Lace woven Textile Embedded into Concrete! The project possibilities for this are endless! For Project & Commission Information please contact:

Trish Belford - Senior Research Fellow of Ulster University, Belfast: Telephone: +4428 9536 7274. #luxurysheers #scottishfabrics #scottishtextiles #luxurydecor #lace #madras #heritagemill #tactilityfactory #concretetiles

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The new Netflix series Locke & Key featuring Cooper Lace Sheer -Bellflower, manufactured by MYB. @cooperlace1 @lace_lord @netflix #mybtextiles #manufacturing #sheers #scottishtextiles #filmandtv #setdec #history #heritage #mill

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Showcase Day 2. Pop by and say hello to us, we’re in the Inchyra Room. It’s been a pleasure to show at Scottish Interiors Showcase. The team at SIS work so hard to provide a brilliant experience to all Visitors and Exhibitors. It’s been special. #shareyourshowcase #scottishinteriors #scottishtextiles #scottish #heritage #mill #textiles #lace #madras #mybtextiles1900 #sheers (at Macdonald Inchyra Hotel & Spa)

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