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Throwback Thursday!❤️

The great founders of Morton Young & Borland!

120 years ago these three men put everything they owned into creating our unique Lace manufacturing factory we have today!

We’re proud that we are still the last remaining Lace Mill in the world producing patterned Lace & Madras fabric & hope that we can continue doing so through these tough times.

What’s more impressive is that we still have descendants working for us today from the Alexander Young family!

From Right to left is Thomas Morton, Alexander Young & John Borland.

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MYB Textiles relies heavily on Cotton yarn to produce its high quality Madras & Lace fabrics so we commemorate this day with love!❤️

The warp in Madras is 100% Ecru & our lace is made with 95% Egyptian cotton, meaning we can go through a few tons of Cotton per year!

We are very proud of our products & nurture every process of our manufacturing & really hope that these uncertain times will not effect our cotton supplies!

For more information or to request any samples of our lace or Madras fabrics please contact the mill on 01560 321 210.

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We have the most beautiful bold crewel Madras Design to go with the latest Autumn colour palette trend from Johnston’s! As the dark nights draw in, wouldn’t it be perfect to cozy up with these ‘Romantic Evening’ colours in your home?! Our Argyle Madras (10281) from our Douglas Collection is also available in two more exciting colour ways!

For details you can visit our website or contact the mill on 01560 321 210.

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It’s amazing where MYB’s fabric pops up! This is our Madras fabric (formally known as Scottish Leno gauze weave) used as part of an installation called ‘painted lace net’. It’s from an exhibition called ‘Futureless Memory’ in Kunsthaus Hamburg showcasing many more exhibits today.

Image supplied by Judith Raum, artistic creations by Dilek Winchester & Katharine Schroder.

We have samples available to send of our plain Madras or any of our fabrics from our beautiful collections.

Please contact the mill if you are interested on 01560 321 210.

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One of our colleagues spotted our popular Lace ‘Melrose CS 7848’ in the Crime Drama Series ‘Strike’ on BBC 1 last night! This drama stars the handsome Tom Burke solving crimes of London….but of course we were watching the Lace in the background & not Tom!❤️

For more information on Lace & Madras Panels please contact the mill on 01560 321 210.

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Melrose Lace from Fraser Sheers Collection:

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We’re loving the Current Trend for 2020! ‘Single Print Drama’ is what’s in Fashion for Interiors just now according to Elle Decor….just as well we have the perfect Madras Toile Panel for you to match your room in the same floor to ceiling print! Meterage is also available.

For enquiries/prices please contact the mill on 01560 321 210.

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For more info on what’s in & what’s out in Interiors click on Elle Decor article:

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If your interested in your period drama’s you could very well spot a lot of our Lace & Madras fabrics!

Our Kintyre 10299 Madras & Lydia Lace 7671 were spotted by our Design Director Margo Graham in the period drama called Harlots, BB2 at 9pm Wednesday 5th August.

Our fabrics sit amazingly well in this period drama set in the 18th Century. For more information on similar classic period designs, please contact the mill on 01560 321 210. #luxurysheers #scottishfabrics #scottishtextiles #luxurydecor #lace #madras #heritagemill #perioddramas #harlot

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Well done to Chamiah Dewey Fashion on producing this lovely little collection incorporating our Lace & Madras fabric. We think it’s amazing what you can do with our off cut fabrics. We are excited to see what else you produce! Good luck! #luxurysheers #scottishfabric #scottishtextiles #luxurydecor #lace #madras #heritagemill #supportstudents #ontrend

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